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Monday 11 December 2017
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Our team

We start as Professional Defence Team somewere in May 2011. During the 6 years of existence the team had different members who stayed close to us as much as they could.
We learn together, we solve different situations together and the results hope to be beneficial to everyone.
Our passion for research in the fields reverse engineering, web pentesting, system pentesting, malware research has made everything to be in a friendly atmosphere.
The team has always been a Romanian-Hellenic collaboration all these years, but we have also collaborated with passionate people from Albania, India, USA, EU, etc.

The main reason for setting up the team was to protect Internet users, especially child protection.

For a long time, we are focused on cyber security, with priority being given to virus analysis and penetration testing.

Anastasis Vasileiadis

PC Technical || Penetration Tester || Ethical Hacker || Cyber Security Expert || Cyber Security Analyst || Information Security Researcher || Part-Time Hacker || Child Pornography & Sexual Abuse Combat

Just some geeks interested in security, nothing less nothing more ;)

Alex Anghelus

Cyber Security, Pentesting & Ethical Hacking Freelancer –
Malware Reverse Engineering Researcher