5 use cases of image recognition that we see in our daily lives

In today’s constantly evolving environment, we all can witness a dramatic shift in technology at
a rapid pace. It is due to such advanced technologies, we have made these advancements, a
daily part of our lives. Such is the case with image recognition as well, where this particular
application has actually changed the perspective of human beings on how we see the world.
Let’s discuss some of the use cases of image recognition that we normally see in our daily

  1. Gaming
    Image recognition has massively turned over the dynamics of the entire gaming industry where
    it allows the user to opt for virtual reality options. In addition to this, it also allows them to use
    their present location to act as a battlefield where they can play their games. This particular
    element has massively attracted the people back towards the gaming era and as a result, we
    can see a drastic shift in the gaming industry which gives a whole new experience to the
  2. Automobile Sector
    Over the years we have heard a lot about self-driving vehicles. However, with such rapid
    changes in technology, the incorporation of AI image recognition has actually made the
    innovation to happen right now. In fact, not only the traditional producers of cars have
    incorporated this “self – driving” element in their vehicles but also the tech giants are willing to
    get involved in such creative ideas. The benefit of such execution would lead to a massive
    reduction in accident rates and a proper follow of regulation with regards to the traffic situations.
  3. Health Care
    Another practical field where image recognition is doing wonders in the healthcare industry,
    where such advancements are bringing new cures and treatments for the patients who weren’t
    initially possible. In the health care sector, the incorporation of image recognition can be
    witnessed in such a manner that microsurgical processes are being encountered by the robots,
    which is actually helping the patients to cure their diseases. In fact, another use of AI in this field
    can be identified by the fact that a real-time emotion can be detected by analyzing the condition
    of the patient which can make the decision as to what further treatment is required.
  4. Security Industry
    Since the crime rates have been massively going up, people prefer to opt for measures that can
    provide them with complete security and protection of assets and of course, their loved ones
    too. In the security industry, the drones, biometric systems, facial recognition, fingerprint access,
    home security cameras are some live examples that we see in our daily lives which are
    incorporated with image recognition. Due to these advancements in the technological sector, be

it a camera, a smart-phone, your house, bank, office or literally anywhere – one feels safe and

  1. Social Media
    In today’s time, it’s very rare for people not to use social media platforms, which has given the
    image recognition field another area to work upon. Since almost all the young generation and
    now even the elderly people are actively available on social media platforms, we can clearly see
    live examples of image recognition there as well. One of the biggest example is Facebook,
    where it has the ability to recognize people by simply putting up a picture online and describing
    who exactly is in the image, without having you to tag them manually.
    The above practical examples of image recognition clearly make one realize how much things
    have changed over the past few years and how much more is yet to come. These live scenarios
    of image recognition are something that clearly shows the amount of ease and comfort that has
    been added in our lives with the help of these developments.

Author: Adam Edmond

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