Amoco v2.5.2 releases: tool for analysing binaries


Amoco is a python package dedicated to the (static) analysis of binaries.

It features:

  • a generic framework for decoding instructions developed to reduce the time needed to implement support for new architectures. For example, the decoder for most IA32 instructions (general purpose) fits in less than 800 lines of Python. The full SPARCv8 RISC decoder (or the ARM THUMB-1 set as well) fits in less than 350 lines. The ARMv8 instruction set decoder is less than 650 lines.
  • symbolic algebra module which allows to describe the semantics of every instruction and compute a functional representation of instruction blocks.
  • a generic execution model which provides an abstract memory model to deal with concrete or symbolic values transparently and other system-dependent features.
  • various classes implementing usual disassembly techniques like the linear sweep, recursive traversal, or more elaborated techniques like path-predicate which relies on SAT/SMT solvers to proceed with discovering the control flow graph or even to implement techniques like DARE (Directed Automated Random Exploration).
  • various generic “helpers” and arch-dependent pretty-printers to allow custom look-and-feel configurations (think AT&T vs. Intel syntax, absolute vs. relative offsets, decimal or hex immediate, etc).
  • a persistent database facility that allows comparing discovered graphs with another previously analysed piece of codes.
  • a graphical user interface that can either be run as a standalone client or as an IDA plugin.


git clone
cd amoco
python install


Copyright (C) 2014 bdcht



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