Are you a lucky cybercrime victim?

Many Internet users download certain programs, even if they know they are illegal or even dangerous. Without clear statistics, I tend to think that only 5% of them know how to protect themselves so they will not become victims of hackers.

Sometimes, victims quickly realize that they have something dangerous on the computer, sometimes they do not know what is happening beyond the screen. A great deal of support comes from the installed antivirus, if it is upgraded, but it also often does not see the infected file.

 I’m one of those who deliberately download infected files to analyze, learn, and discover hacking news, thousands of files. Since 2008, I have seen many viruses, more or less dangerous, stealing and leaving, staying and registering, remaining and using the computer of the victim.
In general, the processing, transmission and shock of hacking information is done through a host, email or IP, so the hacker does not have direct connection with the victim.


Remote Administration Tool – Remote computer control, and this is done with a host, whose IP connects to the victim.

Keylogger – The keyboard is stored on the victim’s computer and then sent to a host or email.

Password Stealer – Data stored in your computer is collected and sent to a host or email.

Silent miner – The computer becomes a hidden worker and is permanently connected to a host to do his job.

Botnet – The victim’s computer is a slave waiting for the hacker’s commands, and is connected to a host to be controlled.

What many do not know is that all of these connections are not permanent. They can be blocked, reported, expired, deleted, etc. More specifically, the virus exists on the Internet, it is active, but everything it does is useless, because it does not have the hacker connection anymore.

And for everybody to understand, I’ll explain. The virus accesses the computer, steals everything he knows, but sends all the data to an address that does not exist anymore, and that’s a good thing for… YOU!

So you’re a lucky victim?

Alex Anghelus

SC Prodefence SRL CEO - Cyber Security, Pentesting & Ethical Hacking - Malware Analyst

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