EMAGNET v3.4 releases: a tool for find leaked databases with 97.1% accurate


Emagnet is a very powerful tool for its purpose which is to capture email addresses and passwords from leaked databases uploaded on pastebin. It’s almost impossible to find leaked passwords when they are out of the list on pastebin.com. Either they have been deleted by Pastebin’s techs or the uploads is just one in the crowd. To be honest it’s easier to find a needle in a haystack then find outdated uploads on pastebin with the data we want to collect.

Emagnet has been created to be able to keep statistics on leaked passwords and mail addresses and was NOT founded to collect accounts to hack.

Emagnet is 2019-03-08 in top 3 lists of best tool online to grab passwords and email addresses leaked on pastebin.com. If there is an email address with or without a password leaked on pastebin emagnet will grab it with a 100% guaranteed!

How it works

The left side is how you see it – Right side is what actually happening in the background

Changelog v3.4

  • Small and general fixes for a better setup
  • Better regex and added it easier to read how we grab stuff
  • Better quoting
  • Renamed all functions to emagnet_functionname
  • Added a more elegant way to write analyzing.
  • Added HEADER to emagnet.conf, default is Mosaic (first header ever made)
  • Added LIBSPOITFY to emagnet.conf
  • Added emagnet.conf into root dir
  • Added support for merge logs in to archive
  • Added requirements for vpn part (openvpn)
  • Edited how we read LICENSE
  • Added a function for colors so we can use a more elegant way to print stuff
  • Removed color function again since it wont work on android devices
  • Removed .emagnetconf/emagnet.conf and .emagnetconf/emagnet.conf.bak
  • Removed requirements for a browser to be installed
  • Remove temp files so they wont be stored in tmp folder
  • Removed spammer
  • Removed stats for rebuilding
  • Removed safety part that added to log if someone otherwise then root tried to run script (useless since long time ago)
  • Removed setup script
  • Removed elinks and lynx requirements so we can use emagnet on more systems without install more tools then we really need
  • Removed requirements part as default, it will be used when you using stuff that may need requirements like smtp/parallel for spammer & ssh bruteforce


Copyright (C) 2018 wuseman <[email protected]>

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