goca v0.2 releases: find metadata and hidden information in the documents

Goca is a FOCA fork written in Go, which is a tool used mainly to find metadata and hidden information in the documents its scans. These documents may be on web pages and can be downloaded and analyzed with Goca.

It is capable of analyzing a wide variety of documents, with the most common being Microsoft Office, Open Office, or PDF files, although it also analyzes Adobe InDesign or SVG files, for instance.

find metadata

Documents are searched for using three possible search engines: GoogleBing, and DuckDuckGo. Using those engines GOCA© adquieres lots of documents that helps GOCA© to extract its metadata building up a huge profile about the target. Furthermore, GOCA© can perform the same analysis from a local bunch of files.

Then downloads the documents and extracts the EXIF information from graphics files, and a complete analysis of the information discovered through the URL is conducted even before downloading the file.

Changelog v0.2

  •  New file formats!
  •  Site scrapping.
  •  Projects to database.
    •  Save a scan to the database.
    •  Load an existing project.
    •  List available projects.
  •  Some minor changes and extras.
  •  This version jumps like a little bunny ^^

NOTE: This version has a strange race condition caused by an external used module, we are working on the fix.

Download && Tutorial

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