Hack the Zone Conference and Challenges 2019

Real dynamic challenges, one unique event in Europe – Hack the Zone Conference and Challenges Unique not just in Romania, but also in Europe, Hack the Zone Conference and Challenges wishes to reunite all Ethical Hacking passionate. 

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in taking part in a fun event with real Capture the flag challenges, then keep reading.. What is Hack the Zone Conference and Challenges? The event takes place in October and is divided in 2 stages: 1. The Challenges: start date 12-13th of October, the challenges require the participants to travel to different geolocations in Bucharest2. The Conference: 17-18th of October at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, 198A Calea Rahovei, District5 It’s no coincidence that the event takes place in October, October has been declared as the Cyber Security Month by the European Union.HTZ event aims to build a community of Ethical Hackers in Romania and also to raise awareness on the latest threats in the cybersecurity industry. HTZ “Experiment how it feels to be part of a RED TEAM!” HTZ

Challenges are especially designed to help participants to prove and improve their skills by being part of a RED TEAM. The quests have different levels of difficulty and only one participant will be the winner.The winner will take home 3000 euro and uncover other fun surprises at the Conference. The Challenges will test your creativity and analytic thinking!Furthermore the challenges will also test your knowledge of: pen-testing, scripting, social engineering, crypto and many more.Only few will pass the majority of the challenges, while faced with a real simulation of a cybersecurity attack. Follow the guidelines carefully and get to know instructions in order to reach the final stage.If 2 participants get to final stage, the one with the best timing will win.For more information on the guidelines and instructions go to hackthezone.comHack the Zone Conference – talking about the hottest topics in cybersecurity at the moment As previously mentioned, the 2nd part of the event is the Conference which reunites speakers across the IT industry and debates different security topics focusing on latest threats, prevention and resolution. During the 2 days Conference, the participants can meet and network with different companies representatives, take part in different activities on site and also explore career opportunities. On the last day of the Conference the HTZ team will announce the winner, but before that, we will reveal the step by step walkthrough. Tickets to the event can be purchased on iabilet.ro and eventbrite.com, for more information around the event please visit hackthezone.com.

Alex Anghelus

SC Prodefence SRL CEO - Cyber Security, Pentesting & Ethical Hacking - Malware Analyst

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