HAL v1.1.7 releases: The Hardware Analyzer

HAL- Hardware Analyzer

Hardware Analyzer (HAL) [/hel/] is a comprehensive reverse engineering and manipulation framework for gate-level netlists focusing on efficiency, extendability, and portability. HAL comes with a fully-fledged plugin system, allowing to introduce arbitrary functionalities to the core.


  • Natural directed graph representation of netlist elements and their connections
  • Support for custom gate libraries
  • High-performance thanks to optimized C++ core
  • Modularity: write your own C++ Plugins for efficient netlist analysis and manipulation (e.g. via graph algorithms)
  • A feature-rich GUI allowing for visual netlist inspection and interactive analysis
  • An integrated Python shell to exploratively interact with netlist elements and to interface plugins from the GUI

Changelog v1.1.3

  • Remember py path for last ‘saved as’
  • Fix several bugs regarding file modified state
  • Add file modified indicator
  • Fix function call
  • Remove unnecessary function parameters
  • added missing includes
  • Remove malformed whitespaces
  • Remove global content manager artifacts
  • Add python file modified indicator
  • Deglobalize hal content manager
  • Connect netlist watcher and file status manager
  • Integrate global file status manager
  • Add Quuid to python code editor
  • Add global class to track modified files
  • recent-files-items now keep track of their files and are removeable. This fixes issue #136
  • Fix content manager integration
  • Integrate content manager to previous solution
  • Fix errors after master merge
  • Add ability to reload pyscript if modified on disk

Install && Tutorial

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Copyright (c) 2019 Marc Fyrbiak, Sebastian Wallat, Max Hoffmann (“ORIGINAL AUTHORS”). All rights reserved.

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