How to Choose the Right Company for Your Embedded Software Project

There are numerous reasons for you to opt for outsourcing embedded software
development services such as the fact that they will be able to give you a leg up on your
competition, lessen your development cycle, and assist you in creating a smarter
product. If you find that you don’t have the right skills or the proper resources to develop
embedded software and your company is in need to develop an embedded product,
outsourcing the design will be in the company’s best interest.
If you’ve been lucky enough to find the exact right embedded software development
services, management should be easy. However, on the flip side, if you choose poorly
and there are complications and issues, particularly after the product hits the market,
this can mean a huge loss to the company’s reputation along with product recall.
Companies that offer embedded software development services usually house
engineers with experience in designing embedded software. It is best if they are
capable of developing embedded programs for both larger and smaller products.
Types of Services
An embedded software development services company has the ability to offer to
predesign, design, and post-design services based upon what your particular needs
are. They can support the entirety of a project or just a small portion of the
development. The embedded development may include software coding, concept
definition, and testing programs on a low-level program on up to high-level including
interface development. Here is a list of services that a good embedded software
development service should be able to offer:
● An embedded feasibility study for the software
● Architecture and concept design for the software
● Selection of technology
● Driver development
● Package for board support
● Simulation of design

● Firmware/software development
● Debug of software
● Verification of software design
● Support and field upgrades for software
● Integration of software/hardware.
Tool And Languages
Embedded software design mandates expertise of a certain extent and complete control
over program languages as well as development tools. You can expect embedded
software development services in the market today that you work with to be
knowledgeable in the following examples:
Programming languages:
● Objective C
● Java ME
● C/C++
● Mruby
● Phyton
● Assembly
● Rust
Programming operating systems:
● iOS
● Windows
● Linux
● ThreadX

● Android
● VXWorks
● LynxOS
● FreeRTOS
● eCos
Designing an embedded product will require your outsourced embedded software
development services company to hold specific expertise in the development process
and in your particular application area. It’s only by collaborating with the right service
provider that you will be successful in accomplishing a reliable, bug-free solution to your
company’s embedded software product needs.
First, you have to have an understanding of what it is precise that your company’s
embedded software product requirements are and have a working knowledge of what it
will entail meeting those expectations in order to be able to thoroughly and intelligently
inquire with prospective outsource partners that you may have an interest in
collaborating with. Doing your due diligence in obtaining the right fit for the company will
save from any complications or issues that could ultimately do damage to the company
in the end.

Author: Adam Edmond

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