manticore v0.1.5 release: Dynamic binary analysis tool

Manticore is a prototyping tool for dynamic binary analysis, with support for symbolic execution, taint analysis, and binary instrumentation.


  • Input Generation: Manticore automatically generates inputs that trigger unique code paths
  • Crash Discovery: Manticore discovers inputs that crash programs via memory safety violations
  • Execution Tracing: Manticore records an instruction-level trace of execution for each generated input
  • Programmatic Interface: Manticore exposes programmatic access to its analysis engine via a Python API

Manticore supports binaries of the following formats, operating systems, and architectures. It has been primarily used on binaries compiled from C and C++. Examples of practical manticore usage are also on github.

  • OS/Formats: Linux ELF, Windows Minidump
  • Architectures: x86, x86_64, ARMv7 (partial)

Changelog v0.1.5

+## 0.1.5 – 2017-10-19
+Thanks to our external contributors to this release!
+- [johnfxgalea](
+### Deprecated
+- `Manticore(‘binary’, [‘arg1’, ‘arg2’])` style initialization. Use new class methods (see below).
+### Added
+- Platform-specific class methods for Manticore initialization
+ – e.g. `Manticore.linux(‘binary’, [‘arg1’, ‘arg2’])`
+- `Manticore.init` analysis initialization hook
+- Linux: Various new syscall support, including basic TCP socket support
+- Core: An updated plugin infrastructure
+- [Experimental] Support for symbolic execution of Ethereum Virtual Machine bytecode
+### Changed
+- `Manticore.verbosity`: logging preset levels interface is now a static method, replacing `m.verbosity` property
+- Logger output is slightly modified to be more Pythonic
+### Fixed
+- Numerous bugfixes and refactors
+- Linux: stderr file is generated in workspace
+### Removed
+- Requirement of external z3 binary installation (z3 installation occurs automatically now via pip)


# Install system dependencies
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install z3 python-pip -y
python -m pip install -U pip

# Install manticore and its dependencies
git clone && cd manticore
sudo pip install .

# Build the examples
cd examples/linux

# Use the Manticore CLI
manticore basic
cat mcore_*/*1.stdin | ./basic
cat mcore_*/*2.stdin | ./basic

# Use the Manticore API
cd ../script
python ../linux/helloworld


$ manticore ./path/to/binary # runs, and creates a mcore_* directory with analysis results






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