nsearch: find script into the nse database

Nmap Scripting Engine Search


Nsearch is a tool that helps you to find scripts that are used by nmap ( nse ), you can search the scripts using different keyword as the name, category, and author, even using all the keyword in a single query, it is also possible to see the documentation of the scripts founded.


To install the application is necessary to run as root user the installation script (install.sh), for the time, the script is only for OS based on Debian and based on Red Hat (CentOS). MacOSX or other UNIX it’s better to do the installation for each dependency manually.


$ pip install pyyaml python-i18n


# apt-get install unzip libreadline-gplv2-dev build-essential checkinstall unzip sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev -y


# yum -y install bzip2 groupinstall “Development Tools”


git clone https://github.com/JKO/nsearch.git
cd nsearch
sh install.sh

File Configuration

Find the script.db’s path, use the command below

$ find /usr -type f -name “script.db” 2>/dev/null | awk ‘gsub(“script.db”,””)’

Then create a config.yaml file, on the main path of the script

scriptsPath: ‘/usr/local/share/nmap/scripts/’
filePath: ‘/usr/local/share/nmap/scripts/script.db’
fileBackup: ‘scriptbk.db’
scriptdb: ‘nmap_scripts.sqlite3’
categories: {“auth”,”broadcast”,”brute”,”default”,”discovery”,”dos”,”exploit”,”external”,”fuzzer”,”intrusive”,”malware”,”safe”,”version”,”vuln”}


$ python nsearch.py

Main Menu

Initial Setup

Basic Commands


Source: https://github.com/JKO/nsearch




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