Pftriage – Python Tool And Library To Help Analyze Files During Malware Triage And Analysis

pftriage is a tool to help analyze files during malware triage. It allows an analyst to quickly view and extract properties of a file to help during the triage process. The tool also has an analyze function which can detect common malicious indicators used by malware.


  • pefile
  • filemagic

Note: On Mac – Apple has implemented their own version of the file command. However, libmagic can be installed using homebrew

$ brew install libmagic


usage: pftriage [options]

Show information about a file for triage.

positional arguments:
  file                  The file to triage.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i, --imports         Display import tree
  -s, --sections        Display overview of sections. For more detailed info
                        pass the -v switch
  --removeoverlay       Remove overlay data.
  --extractoverlay      Extract overlay data.
  -r, --resources       Display resource informations
                        Dump data using the passed offset or 'ALL'. Currently
                        only works with resources.
  -a, --analyze         Analyze the file.
  -v, --verbose         Display version.
  -V, --version         Print version and exit.

Display Section information by using the -s or –sections switch. Additionally you can pass (-v) for a more verbose view of section details.
To export a section pass –dump and the desired section Virtual Address. (ex: –dump 0x00001000)

 ---- Section Overview (use -v for detailed section info)  ----

 Name        Raw Size    Raw Data Pointer  Virtual Address     Virtual Size        Entropy             Hash
 .text       0x00012200  0x00000400        0x00001000          0x000121d8          6.71168555177       ff38fce4f48772f82fc77b4ef223fd74
 .rdata      0x00005a00  0x00012600        0x00014000          0x0000591a          4.81719489022       b0c15ee9bf8480a07012c2cf277c3083
 .data       0x00001a00  0x00018000        0x0001a000          0x0000ab80          5.28838495072       5d969a878a5106ba526aa29967ef877f
 .rsrc       0x00002200  0x00019a00        0x00025000          0x00002144          7.91994689603       d361caffeadb934c9f6b13b2474c6f0f
 .overlay    0x00009b30  0x0001bc00        0x00000000          0x00000000          0                   N/A

Display resource data by using -r or –resources.

 ---- Resource Overview ----

  Name        Language        SubLang             Offset      Size        Code Page   Type
  0x68        LANG_RUSSIAN    RUSSIAN             0x000250e0  0x00000cee  0x000004e4
  0x69        LANG_RUSSIAN    RUSSIAN             0x00025dd0  0x000011e6  0x000004e4

  Name        Language        SubLang             Offset      Size        Code Page   Type
  0x1         LANG_ENGLISH    ENGLISH_US          0x00026fb8  0x0000018b  0x000004e4

To extract a specific resource use -D with the desired offset. If you want to extract all resources pass ALL istead of a specific offset.

Display Import data and modules using -i or –imports. Imports which are identified as ordinals will be identified and include the Ordinal used.

[*] Loading File...
 ---- Imports ----
 Number of imported modules: 4

  |-- GetProcessHeap
  |-- HeapFree
  |-- HeapAlloc
  |-- SetLastError
  |-- GetLastError

  |-- getaddrinfo
  |-- freeaddrinfo
  |-- closesocket Ordinal[3] (Imported by Ordinal)
  |-- WSAStartup Ordinal[115] (Imported by Ordinal)
  |-- socket Ordinal[23] (Imported by Ordinal)
  |-- send Ordinal[19] (Imported by Ordinal)
  |-- recv Ordinal[16] (Imported by Ordinal)
  |-- connect Ordinal[4] (Imported by Ordinal)

  |-- CoCreateInstance
  |-- ...

Display exports using -e or –exports.

[*] Loading File...

 ---- Exports ----
 Total Exports: 5
 Address     Ordinal   Name
 0x00001151  1         FindResources
 0x00001103  2         LoadBITMAP
 0x00001137  3         LoadICON
 0x000010e9  4         LoadIMAGE
 0x0000111d  5         LoadSTRINGW

File and version metadata is displayed if no options are passed on the commandline.

[*] Loading File...
[*] Processing File details...

---- File Summary ----

     Filename         samaple.exe
     Magic Type       PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows
     Size             135168
     First Bytes      4d 5a 90 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 ff ff 00 00

     MD5              8e8a8fe8361c7238f60d6bbfdbd304a8
     SHA1             557832efe10daff3f528a3c3589eb5a6dfd12447
     SHA256           118983ba4e1c12a366d7d6e9461c68bf222e2b03f3c1296091dee92ac0cc9dd8
     Import Hash      0239fd611af3d0e9b0c46c5837c80e09

     Linker Version   12.0 - (Visual Studio 2013)
     Image Base       0x400000
     Compile Time     Thu Jun 23 16:04:21 2016 UTC
     Checksum         0
     Filename         sample.exe
     EP Bytes         55 8b ec 51 83 65 fc 00 8d 45 fc 56 57 50 e8 64
     Signature        0x4550
     First Bytes      4d 5a 90 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 ff ff 00 00
     Sections         4
     Entry Point      0x139de
     Packed           False
     Size             135168

PFTriage can performa a simple analysis of a file to identify malicious characteristics.

[*] Loading File...
[*] Analyzing File...
[*] Analysis Complete...

  [!] Checksum        Invalid CheckSum
  [!] AntiDebug       AntiDebug Function import [GetTickCount]
  [!] AntiDebug       AntiDebug Function import [QueryPerformanceCounter]
  [!] Imports         Suspicious API Call [TerminateProcess]
  [!] AntiDebug       AntiDebug Function import [SetUnhandledExceptionFilter]
  [!] AntiDebug       AntiDebug Function import [IsDebuggerPresent]

Overlay Data
Overlay data is identified by analyzing or displaying section information of the file. If overlay data exists PFTriage can either remove the data by using the (–removeoverlay) switch or export the overlay data by using the (–extractoverlay) switch.

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