pwn debug: building exploitation of CTFs pwn game quickly

pwn debug

pwn_debug — An auxiliary debugging tool for ctf pwns based on pwntools

Key Features

It mainly has several features:

  • Support glibc source debugging no matter x86 or 64, easy to debug libc functions in source code mode such as malloc and free.
  • Support different libc versions no matter the host versions. for example, allow running libc 2.29 on ubuntu which originally runs on libc 2.23.
  • Support easily making breakpoints, no matter the PIE of the program is opened or not.
  • Support IO FILE structure building and regular exploit condition check.
  • Support ret2dl_resolve data building.
  • Easy to use(i think, lol), you just need to add a little thing based on your original pwntool script.

Install & Use

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