uniFuzzer: A fuzzing tool for closed-source binaries


uniFuzzer is a fuzzing tool for closed-source binaries based on Unicorn and LibFuzzer. Currently, it supports fuzzing 32-bits LSB ELF files on ARM/MIPS, which are usually seen in IoT devices.


  • very little hack and easy to build
  • can target any specified function or code snippet
  • coverage-guided fuzzing with considerable speed
  • dependence resolved and loaded automatically
  • library function override by PRELOAD

uniFuzzer uses the following environment variables as parameters:

  • UF_TARGET: Path of the target ELF file
  • UF_PRELOAD: Path of the preload library. Please make sure that the library has the same architecture as the target.
  • UF_LIBPATH: Paths in which the dependent libraries reside. Use : to separate multiple paths.

Install && Use

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