Wordlister – A Simple Wordlist Generator And Mangler Written In Python

A simple wordlist generator and mangler written in python. It makes use of python multiprocessing capabilities in order to speed up his job (CPU intensive).

Supported permutations:

  • Capital
  • Upper
  • 1337
  • Append
  • Prepend

Additional functions:

  • Test/Dry run
  • Multiprocessing
  • Multicore
  • Possibility to adjust cores/processes number manually.
  • Each generated password doesnt contain same word twice.


usage: wordlister.py [-h] --input INPUT --perm PERM --min MIN --max MAX
                     [--test TEST] [--cores CORES] [--leet] [--cap] [--up]
                     [--append APPEND] [--prepend PREPEND]

A simple wordlist generator and mangler written in python.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --test TEST        Output first N iterations (single process/core)
  --cores CORES      Manually specify processes/cores pool that you want to
  --leet             Activate l33t mutagen
  --cap              Activate capitalize mutagen
  --up               Activate uppercase mutagen
  --append APPEND    Append chosen word (append 'word' to all passwords)
  --prepend PREPEND  Append chosen word (prepend 'word' to all passwords)

required arguments:
  -   -input INPUT      Input file name
  --perm PERM        Max number of words to be combined on the same line
  --min MIN          Minimum generated password length
  --max MAX          Maximum generated password length

This project is for educational purposes only. Don’t use it for illegal activities. I don’t support nor condone illegal or unethical actions and I can’t be held responsible for possible misuse of this software.

Download Wordlister

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