XSSSNIPER – An Automatic XSS Discovery Tool

XSSSNIPER is an handy xss discovery tool with mass scanning functionalities.


Usage: xsssniper.py [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u URL, --url=URL     target URL
  --post                try a post request to target url
  --data=POST_DATA      post data to use
  --threads=THREADS     number of threads
                        scan behind given proxy (format:
  --tor                 scan behind default Tor
  --crawl               crawl target url for other links to test
  --forms               crawl target url looking for forms to test
                        provide an user agent
  --random-agent        perform scan with random user agents
  --cookie=COOKIE       use a cookie to perform scans
  --dom                 basic heuristic to detect dom xss

Scanning a single url with GET params:

$ python xsssniper.py -u "http://target.com/index.php?page=test"

Scanning a single url with POST params:

$ python xsssniper.py -u "http://target.com/index.php" --post --data=POST_DATA

Crawl a single url looking for forms to scan:

$ python xsssniper.py -u "http://target.com" --forms

Mass scan an entire website:

$ python xsssniper.py -u "http://target.com" --crawl

Mass scan an entire website forms included:

$ python xsssniper.py -u "http://target.com" --crawl --forms

Analyze target page javascripts (embedded and linked) to search for common sinks and sources:

$ python xsssniper.py -u "http://target.com" --dom


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