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Keeping data organized and secure can be difficult – especially as your company begins to grow and incorporates more devices. Having a list of devices on the network and a way to see recorded information from each device is necessary to successfully running a business. If your business or company has a network of devices – large or small – having a dedicated software to organizing the information will save you both money and time.These programs are known as network inventory software and offer you a wide range of organizational and monitoring features. Any business in the modern-day should have some form of the program with these capabilities to help keep their business running efficiently and seamlessly. Finding the right network inventory software is where the difficult part comes in.

SNMP Management

SNMP, which stands for simple network management protocol, is essentially a standard of how one collects and organizes data. Having an SNMP tool scan your network will grant you access to information on every router, switch, network printer or other device listed all in one go. This is essentially a quick sweep through your network which gathers information for your use.This information can be about activity on a computer or location of an accessed record. Having this information can allow you to better monitor your network and keep an eye on productivity as well as shield yourself from internal hacking attempts. Having an SNMP scanner as your network discovery tool allows you to have a better grasp on your network.

Total Network Inventory

One of the best online tools for network inventory management is Total Network Inventory 4. This software has led the way for network organizations and continues to offer some of the best program features for an affordable and reasonable price. The program also incorporates SNMP scans which will allow you better access to your network of devices. This program also includes asset management tools thatgrant you easier access to files through methods of filtering and searching. Being the fourth installation of the program, TNI 4 has had time to perfect its software and offers the most up to date features.

Other great software options

This is a free web solution for your network and one of the most popular programs online. This is a fantastic software to start out with as many companies tend to begin with Spiceworks. If your company is on the smaller end with a few devices on your network, having a free-web solution might be the path you’ll want to follow.

EMCO Network Inventory
Having started their company in 2007, this program has the quality that comes with their experience. This software is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but the features are that of a higher-end program.

Solarwinds Network Inventory
This program is the best of the best, to be used by large corporations who have a need for the extreme and precise features that come with it. With Solarwinds, you have access to the industry’s best monitoring software and security programs.

Author: Adam Edmund

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